Cover Reveal for Mitch Benn’s Terra

We’re delighted to be able to give you a sneak preview of the cover for Mitch Benn’s wonderful debut novel TERRA.

Designed by the ever brilliant Laura Brett in our art department (with added ‘blue’ at the suggestion of Clara Benn) this arrived quite late in the day as the perfect solution to a cover-brief that had ‘gone round the houses a bit’ (technical term).

We all kind of knew what we wanted but it was quite difficult to nail down – something that said SF we said, something that would appeal to a wide audience we thought, something commercial we insisted, but classy we added. Oh how the art department loved us. It’s the sort of cover brief you often get when a lot of people have read the book and all love it – you end up with lots of opinions, lots of firmly held beliefs, lots of images firmly in people’s minds. But that’s why you have a great art department with very talented designers. They can take the varied ideas, pick up on the enthusiasm from varied quarters and nail a look.

So here it is. A cover we hope you’ll be seeing a LOT more of in future.

terraterra  back cover