Wolves: Chapter One

Our book of the month for January is Wolves by Simon Ings; a novel already attracting attention for the award-winning cover design, which we publish tomorrow. Associate Publisher and the man you all know as @Gollancz, Simon Spanton, will tell you a little about the book below, and there’s an extract to download if you keep scrolling. Oh, and if you’re signed up to the Gollancz Geeks, keep an eye on your inbox…

Dear Reader,


I hadn’t read Simon Ings since reading his first novel (published twenty years ago) so when Wolves was submitted it was a delight to find how much he’d grown as a writer. Wolves is set tomorrow and round the corner (Simon’s debut was a much more ‘conventional’ twisted cyberpunk tale) but manages to carry a heavy load of genuine strangeness and terror. This is a novel about how crazed WE can become and how our technologies can make that craziness sharper and deeper. It’s also a novel about two childhood friends and the strains put on their friendship as their lives go off the rails.

It is not, I have to warn you, a bundle of laughs, but it is written with clear insight and wit and great intelligence. And the prose is to die for.

We’re proud to be publishing this book. If you like JG Ballard and Philip K. Dick we think you’ll love reading it. I loved it enough to buy five of Simon’s backlist (all that I could get) for Gollancz and they’ll be coming out from us through the first six months of 2014.

Do let us know what you think.

All the best


Simon Spanton

Associate Publisher, Gollancz

To read an extract from Wolves, click here.