Gollancz are thrilled to reveal the covers for two very different books coming later this year – EMPIRES: INFILTRATION and EMPIRES: EXTRACTION. Written by Gavin Deas (a cunning pseudonym for the writing team of GAVIN Smith and Stephen DEAS), the two books cover the same period of time from two different viewpoints.

Two alien races have fought a long and bitter war among the stars. And now their conflict has bought them to our world, and the end of humanity is nigh. We have something they want, something which can’t be found anywhere else in the universe.

Neither side can afford to show their hand too early and attract the attention of their enemies, but their plans are in place and their agents are at work. When two men – a soldier and a policeman – stumble into the alien plots, their investigations will lead them to the aliens and, eventually, to each other. And to war.

Each book works as a standalone thriller, but if you read them both – in either order – you get another side to the story. It’s a remarkable piece of writing from Gavin and Steve, and I hope you’ll check them out.

EMPIRES is unleashed on the 13th of November 2014 in £9.99 hardback and ebook.

Empires Extraction Front

Empires Infiltration Front