Cover Reveal- Luna: New Moon

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to reveal the cover for Ian McDonald’s new novel, Luna: New Moon. Designed by Black Sheep (who are also responsible for Adam Roberts’ covers) this was one of those happy occasions when the designers not just hit the brief for the cover but make it better than you ever imagined it might be.

Ian has set out to do for the moon what he has previously (with River of Gods, Brasyl and The Dervish House) done for India, Brazil and Turkey; write a thrilling story of the future that is rooted in the vivid realities of its location. And with Luna he has succeeded triumphantly (again). This is a tale of corporate blood-letting and deceit on a massive scale set on a moon that, for all its lethal harshness, is described with such richness that you *feel* what it would be like to live (and die) there.

As Ian describes it this is a place that has a thousand ways to kill you but which also has a chilling beauty all of its own. That’s what we wanted to convey with the cover and that’s what Black Sheep have managed so brilliantly.

A real ‘what it says on the tin’ cover. Simple, stark, stand-out, beautiful. Thank you Black Sheep.

Luna: New Moon will be available in bookshops and online in trade paperback and e-book on the 17th September 2015.