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Remembering Sir Patrick Moore

Gollancz Team: - December 9th, 2013

It is a year ago today that we lost one of the most enduring, best-loved and eccentric popularisers of science of the television era. Before there was Professor Brian Cox, before the excellent Neil deGrasse Tyson, before Carl Sagan, before the national treasure that is Sir David Attenborough, there was Sir Patrick Moore.

Born in … More

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This Week Through the Gateway

Gollancz Team: - December 14th, 2012
SF Gateway

Welcome to your weekly round-up of what’s been happening over at the SF Gateway, our sister site devoted to classic science fiction.

This week’s spotlights are . . .

Author of the Week is the wonderful Nicola Griffith, winner of the Nebula, Tiptree and World Fantasy Awards among many others.

The New Book of the Week, Double Planet, features a comet on its way towards Earth – a compelling tale told as only two acclaimed scientists can tell it.More

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Goodbye to the Games Master

Gollancz Team: - December 11th, 2012

So we say goodbye to Patrick Moore, one of TV’s longest serving presenters on one of the world’s longest running series, The Sky at Night. His monocled features and his distinctive voice however were famous to a generation not because they stayed up until whatever ludicrous hour The Sky at Night was usually broadcast, but because he helped us cheat at Sonic the Hedgehog. To a 30-somethings like myself, who grew up in the great boom of computer and console gaming in … More

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