On the tenth day of Christmas…

It’s the first day back at work in Gollancz towers today, so let’s celebrate with a quick peek into the future at the three amazing debut authors coming up this year – and three new projects from familiar faces, to delight you*.

Gollancz is thrilled to welcome Michael J. Ward to the list, with the first novel in the DestinyQuest® adventures The Legion of Shadow. We’re publishing in May, so make a note in your diaries, because this book is something extra special. It’s a book, it’s a great adventure – and it’s also a game, all in one. You are the main character, and you decide the story. It’s addictive stuff that puts the reader in charge, and we love it! There will be more details to come as we get closer to publication, but for now take a look at his great website to learn more. . . and here’s an early look at the rather fabulous work-in-progress cover

May is the month for debuts, as we also welcome AJ Dalton to the list with the first novel in his unique trilogy, Empire of the Saviours. Adam has already been on the Gollancz blog here to talk about the inspiration behind his novel, about magic, heroes and transformation. All we can say is: we love his ideas and his story, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you. After all – as you can see on this first peek at the in-progress artwork – Heroes are not always what they seem . . .

And our last but by no means least debut comes from Miles Cameron. It’s a stonking, bloody, epic tale of a relentless war in a savage landscape, where law has to be enforced by a bloody hand in a mailed glove. Brace yourselves for some of the most gripping battle scenes we’ve ever published – and a touch of magic, and even romance, too. I found it utterly compelling from the start, and we are thrilled that our cousins over the pond, Orbit US, will be publishing The Traitor Son Cycle too. Book one, The Black Captain, will be hitting the shelves near you in June 2012, and we can even give you a preview of some very early artwork. There’s still a lot of work to do . . . but yes that is a wyvern . . .

And now . . . three familiar names and faces to look forward to.

Stephen Baxter is here as you’ve never seen him before, in January, with The Science of Avatar. It’s official, it’s a non-fiction work with James Cameron’s blessing, and it is wonderful. If you loved the film – or even if you’re just curious about it – this is a book you’re going to have to take a look at!

And then M. John Harrison returns! The Grand master of Science Fiction is back, with an exceptional new novel called Empty Space which will be available in July 2012. He’s an extraordinary novelist, and this is a must-have for every shelf. Pre-order right now! (cover jpeg subject to change, as it’s stolen from Simon Spanton’s pinboard! Is that a sneak preview or what? 🙂 )

And finally, in August 2012, Andrzej Sapkowski, author of the series the cult bestselling game THE WITCHER was based on, and winner of the very first Legend Award for best novel of the year, is back on your shelves with a vengeance. It’s impossible to miss Times of Contempt, not least because it has exceptional new artwork from the amazing Alejandro Colucci!

* . . . and ladies, do not despair! We’ll be dominating tomorrow’s post with six of the best new novels of 2012, so watch this space! And it will be wonderful.