Gollancz at Eastercon – Satellite 4 is go!

It’s the Easter weekend, which means all right-minded people are off work and spending time trapped in ridiculous travel delays. Not Gollancz, though – no, we’re in Glasgow for Eastercon, the annual four-day celebration of all things SF (and beer!). Don’t forget to vote for the BSFA awards if you’re here!

Attending from Gollancz are Gillian Redfearn, Sophie Calder and Marcus Gipps. Do come and say hello if you see us pottering around.

So, here’s a list of where Gollancz and our authors are this weekend. But first, two things, both involving free books (and beer!). Firstly, we’ve bought up a large stack of various books to give away to Con members. You’ll find an ever-changing pile near reception (where you collect your badge), so please do feel free to take one. There’s a limit of one per con membership, though, so don’t leave other people empty-handed. If you enjoy what you read, let us know here or on twitter @gollancz!

And if you miss out on a free book, why not go and buy one from our good friends at Newcon press in the dealers room, who have very kindly agreed to sell a selection of Gollancz books on our behalf. Get one signed by the author while you’re wandering around as well!

We’re also hosting a SF quiz this evening at 9pm in Castle 1. Some free booze, a Gollancz author as team captain, lots of SF questions and some great prizes. Open to all, please come along and show off your knowledge! There will be a collection taken for the con charity.


2pm – Argyll 1 & 2 – The Opening Ceremony! Everyone will be here! Come and say hello.

3pm – Argyll 1 – Desperately seeking SFF. Gollancz editor Gillian Redfearn moderates a panel on how to find new SFF to read (and publish)

4pm – Argyll 1 – Why is my smartphone not smart (yet)? – Guest of honour and brilliant Gollancz author John Meaney is on a panel exploring AI.

6pm  – Castle 1 – Diverse styles of Fantasy Writing – Mark Alder and MD Lachlan (who are the same person) is on a panel discussing various forms of fantasy.

8pm – Castle 1 – Grand Designs. John Meaney and others discuss worldbuilding.

8pm – Barra/Jura – In my day, television was called books. Hannu Rajaniemi, Den Patrick, Richard Morgan and others discuss the role of the novel in the modern media age.

9pm – Castle 1 – The Gollancz SFF quiz! See details at the top of this post…


10am – Argyll 1  – Consider Iain. A host of his friends and colleagues, including John Meaney, recall the great Iain Banks.

11am – Argyll 1 – Not the Clarke Awards. Come and discuss this year’s shortlist, including two from Gollancz –  The Adjacent by Christopher Priest and The Disestablishment of Paradise by Phillip Mann.

Midday – Argyll 2 – The Gemmell Awards shortlist announcement. Might be some Gollancz books on there, we hope, but always fun and always worth supporting.

3pm – Castle 1 – Writing, submitting and finding an agent. Panel discussion including John Meaney.

4pm – Barra/Jura – Beginner’s Lindy Hop workshop. Join Den Patrick and Juliet Mushens and learn how to dance! Great preparation for the Ambassadors Ball this evening.

6pm – Castle 1 – The way things might have been. Mark Alder/MD Lachlan and others discuss the sub-genre of Alternative History.

6pm – Barra/Jura – African Writes. Geoff Ryman gives a solo talk on the genre to be found in African writing.

7pm – Argyll 1 & 2 – Room 101. John Meaney and the other guests of honour discuss what they’d consign to Room 101.

8.30pm – Barra/Jura/Shuna – The Hugo Awards shortlist announcement! I’d put some Gollancz books on, myself, but then I’m biased. let’s see, shall we?

9pm – Castle 1 – Read for your Life! Mark Alder/MD Lachlan and Stephanie Saulter host a series of short sharp readings from many authors, including (we hope, or Mark’s in trouble) a few Gollancz ones!


11am – Castle 1 – Changing Climate. A panel (including John Meaney) discuss the impact of climate change. Bet this will be a cheery start to Easter Sunday.

2.30pm – Argyll 1 & 2 – John Meaney Guest of Honour talk: Still Two Cultures? John discusses the science/humanities divide… and what is ‘computational thinking’? This will be fascinating, John was telling me about it in the bar last night.

5.30pm – Argyll 1 & 2 – Sir Terry Pratchett – A celebration. The wonderful Sir Terry – today’s special guest at Satellite 4 – has his life and career celebrated and discussed by many, including John Meaney.

6pm – Barra/Jura – Good practice in editing and reviewing. Gillian Redfearn moderates a panel which dies what it says on the tin. Panellists include Gollancz editor Marcus Gipps (that’s me! Look, ma, I’m famous!)

7pm – Argyll 1 & 2 – The BSFA Award Ceremony. Books on the shortlist for best novel include The Adjacent by Christopher Priest and Evening’s Empires by Paul McAuley.


By this point we’ll all have lost the plot and drunk a lot of booze, so it makes sense to end on a fight.

10am – Barra/Jura – The great GoH Rumble. John Meaney and Juliet McKenna demonstrate karate and aikido at an ungodly hour.

5pm – Argyll 1 & 2 – Closing Ceremony! That’s it, all done, move on please, don’t you people have homes to go to?


Phew. That’s quite a lot of things to go to. If you’re around and you see one of the Gollancz team, please do come and say hello!