We’re delighted to be able to show you the new cover for Justina Robson’s eagerly awaited new SF novel.

The Glorious Angels is every bit as rich in conception and clever in delivery as the best of Justina’s work and is linked to a beguiling set of characters and a world that remains a mystery both to reader and characters alike. It is a world where the tech is so advanced it might as well be magic and the aliens so strange they might as well be mythological creatures acting out the deeper dreams of mankind. And that is the allure of this novel – it dances on the boundary of SF and Fantasy but is rooted in its wonderful examination of the motives and desires of its main characters. And in a world where women naturally hold sway, we have some wonderful characters. An arch mage and her two wilful daughters who are testing themselves against her and the world. A capricious Empress and her courtiers and an alien advisor with his own agenda. They inhabit a world that is sliding into a war, a world peopled by aliens of utter strangeness (who are enchantingly described) and they are learning a secret about their world…

When it came to the cover I wanted something that would stand out, something that would convey the meeting of SF and fantasy. Dominic Harman came up with this stunning artwork; framing it in white was a decision that veered the cover toward the retro but the results were startling and I think the book will look like nothing else out there. And in these days of thumbnails of covers on screens I think the artwork and lettering will float out of a white background in a hopefully eye-catching way.


The Glorious Angels will be out in trade paperback and e-book in Spring 2015. Look for it where all good books are sold. You can find out more about Justina Robson by following her on Twitter: @JustinaRobson