Gollancz to publish the definitive Michael Moorcock

Gollancz is to release the entire science fiction and fantasy back catalogue of Michael Moorcock, plus much of his literary fiction.

The two-year publishing project will launch in February 2013, with publication of Moorcock’s last three Elric novels, Daughter of Dreams, Destiny’s Brother and Son of the Wolf. The programme will go on to bring back all of the author’s genre works, including Hawkmoon, Corum, Von Bek and the Eternal Champion books. Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius novels will also be in the mix.

The books will be published as Gollancz print editions and as e-books from Gollancz’s online SF&F digital library SF Gateway.

The new books are “definitive editions, carefully prepared with the author and his longstanding friend, bibliographer and editor, John Davey”.

“The new versions will be particularly important to fans as they will present the Elric stories in a consistent internal chronological order together with associational material never previously published,” Gollancz said.

Moorcock said: “This new programme will make available many of my books which have been hard to obtain in any form and will now be available in both print and electronic form in newly revised definitive editions.”