Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Pat Cadigan

Today we wish a very Happy Birthday to two-time Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning, Hugo Award for Best Novelette-snaffling Queen of Cyberpunk, and all-round SF legend, Pat Cadigan! Pat is the author of numerous outstanding SF […]

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Happy Birthday, Stephen Donaldson!

To mark Stephen Donaldson’s birthday we thought we’d pull together some brief snippets from just some of the critical reactions to his most famous works; The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. With the First and Second […]

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Happy Birthday, Ursula Le Guin!

On this day, eighty-four years ago, Ursula Kroeber Le Guin was born. I’m not sure whether she’s celebrating the event, but we certainly are! Apart from being one of the most lyrical, insightful, imaginative and […]

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Happy birthday Kristos Reese

To mark the 70th birthday of Christopher Priest, the acclaimed author of The Affirmation, The Prestige, The Islanders (winner of both the BSFA amd John W. Campbell Awards for Best SF Novel) and, most recently, […]

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Happy Birthday, Stephen Donaldson

Thanks to the all-seeing eye of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, and its indispensable On This Day function, we see that today is Stephen R. Donaldson‘s birthday. As I’m sure we all know, Stephen Donaldson […]

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SFX magazine’s Dave Bradley considers how the SF world has changed in the 100 issues since he became editor

  Today we’re over the moon to be wishing Dave Bradley, Editor-in-Chief of SFX, friend to Gollancz, and all-round superstar a very, very happy 140th birthday indeed! For he has not just marked his 40th […]

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