SF Masterworks

Friday Reads: Riddley Walker

In the next couple of weeks Gollancz will publish, in the SF Masterworks series, Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban. Although I’ve had little to do with the process, my small involvement will count as one […]

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Deathwatch and The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe

   The 1980 film, Deathwatch, directed by Bertrand Tavernier and starring, among others, a young Harvey Keitel, was re-released in the UK in June this year, in a digitally restored print. The re-release garnered many positive reviews from the […]

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Welcome to the SF Gateway

In the last years of the twentieth century (as H. G. Wells might have put it), Gollancz, Britain’s oldest and most distinguished science fiction imprint (What? We are!), created two Masterworks series. Dedicated to re-publishing […]

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