Gateway Essentials: Tanith Lee

Hey, Gateway! So far your Essentials posts have been all about the SF – how ’bout some Fantasy for a change? Your wish is our cooperation!  We present, for your reading pleasure, Britain’s very own Grand Master of Horror and winner of the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement, Tanith Lee . . . Tanith […]

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Publication Day!

The SF Gateway is off to a cracking start this year, with January bringing you 27 exciting new* titles to read! Including a hilarious Hugo Award-nominated comedy adventure by Randall Garrett and Laurence M. Janifer, a macabre masterpiece of dark fantasy by Charles G. Finney, a whole host of brilliant titles by R.A. Lafferty and […]

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New Title Spotlight: The Blood of Roses

SF Gateway is delighted to present another haunting and elegant dark fantasy from the late, great Tanith Lee: The Blood of Roses. Love, history or blood…which is the strongest? In childhood something black settled on Mechail Korhlen and drank from his throat. And later somebody pitied him enough to kill his poor deformed body when he […]

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New Title Spotlight: The Birthgrave by Tanith Lee

Coincidence is a funny thing. Because of the lead times we work to when scheduling our eBooks, what can seem like one-among-many when publication dates are set can become a new release freighted with significance once publication actually arrives. And so it is with this month’s New Title Spotlight. We had no idea when schedule […]

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Author Spotlight: Tanith Lee

A pall was cast over last week with the news that Tanith Lee had passed away. An extraordinary writer, in terms of  both the breadth and quality of her work, Tanith Lee was a World and British Fantasy Award-winner, a World Horror Grandmaster and recipient of the World Fantasy and Bram Stoker Awards for life […]

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RIP Tanith Lee

We were saddened to learn yesterday that beloved fantasy author, Tanith Lee has passed away.  A World Horror Grandmaster, winner of the Bram Stoker and World Fantasy Awards for lifetime achievement, she was also the first woman to win the British Fantasy Award, in 1980, for Death’s Master, the second of her Flat Earth novels. […]

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The World Fantasy Awards

Huge congratulations to the winners of the World Fantasy Awards, which were presented over the weekend at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton.  It’s become something of a cliché to say that it’s an honour simply to be nominated, but a quick look down the list of nominees shows the incredible depth of talent in […]

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Something in the Water Part III

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we continue to lavish praise on The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and particularly its excellent On This Day feature. If you’re looking for an instant run-down of births, deaths and anniversaries in the SF world – and, let’s face it, who isn’t? – there’s simply no […]

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Congratulations to our World Fantasy Awards shortlisted authors and artists

Everyone here at Gollancz is thrilled by the announcement of the World Fantasy Awards shortlist, which you can find here. The Gollancz nominees are as follows: Some Kind of Fairy Tale (Graham Joyce) – Best Novel The Emperor’s Soul (Brandon Sanderson) – Best Novella The Skull (part of The Dragon Griaule, published by Gollancz in […]

New Book of the Week: Tanith Lee’s THE SILVER METAL LOVER

This week’s new book is The Silver Metal Lover, by World Horror Grandmaster and World Fantasy Award-winner Tanith Lee. For sixteen-year-old Jane, life is a mystery she despairs of ever mastering. She and her friends are the idle, pampered children of the privileged class, living in luxury on an Earth remade by natural disaster. Until […]

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