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10 reasons why Community is better than The Big Bang Theory

Gollancz Team: - December 12th, 2012
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We just can’t let it go! The great Big Bang Theory debate rolls on. This week’s What We’re Watching Wednesday is conclusive* evidence that Community is better than The Big Bang Theory. 

1.       The lack of studio audience laughter

We know that Charlie has waxed lyrical about this already, but it cannot be reiterated enough times: we are adults. We will laugh if it’s funny. We do not need prompting. You sound ridiculous.

2.       Chevy Chase

Er, hello? Have you … More

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Why I hate The Big Bang Theory

Gollancz Team: - December 5th, 2012
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It’s the second of our new weekly feature, What We’re Watching Wednesday. Our launch peice last week on The Big Bang Theory sparked some debate around the office, and we thought it only fair to show two sides to the story. This week, Charlie tells us how he absolutely did not learn to love The Big Bang Theory.

A lot of people seem to like The Big Bang Theory, it’s one of the more popular TV comedies of recent times. Some … More

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George R.R. Martin and How I Learned to Love The Big Bang Theory

Gollancz Team: - November 28th, 2012
George R.R. Martin, Other, TV shows

This Wednesday we’re kicking off the first of our weekly What We’re Watching Wednesday promotions. Wherein, once a week a member of Team Gollancz will share with you a TV show or film we can’t stop talking about. Whether it’s a hot new TV series, old genre favourite, classic film or hotly anticipated new release this is the place to share and discuss what we’re watching. This week we’ve got a post from Mark about The Big Bang Theory (which … More

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Hailing Frequencies Open

Gollancz Team: - September 5th, 2012
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This is a follow-up in some ways to the post I wrote on Mars and whether there’s room for inspiration in the cerebral spaces or whether we’ve become culturally dependent upon athletes as role models…

Neil deGrasse Tyson may not be a name that’s familiar to you. If it’s not, though, IMHO it should be. Dr Tyson is the Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York, a regular on US television programmes such as The Daily … More

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