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Sarah Pinborough

Sarah Pinborough was born in 1972 in Buckinghamshire, and now lives just a few miles away after a childhood spent travelling all over the world (her father, now retired, was a diplomat). When she was eight she packed her trunk and left the Middle East for a ten-year stretch in boarding school. The memories provide her with much material for her horror and supernatural thrillers…

On the ninth day of Geekmas…

It’s day nine of our bumper Christmas giveaway, in which we’ve been adding to Santa’s haul every day to give you the chance to win the ultimate Gollancz collection. We’ve also been running daily competitions over on Twitter for some smaller prizes, so don’t forget to keep an eye on @Gollancz!

On the ninth day of Geekmas, Gollancz gave to me…

Nine Fabulous Firsts

We’ve had many wonderful debuts and firsts from established authors this year, so we’ve collated them … More

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Friday ReRead: The Language of the Dying

This isn’t so much a Friday Read as a Friday ReRead.

A little while ago Ian Rankin was talking about novels and authors he’s recently discovered and mentioned Sarah Pinborough and The Language of Dying, saying ‘It’s about a father who’s dying; his grown-up kids get back together at the house to wait for him to die, but there’s all kinds of weird secrets and weird stuff happening, just on the periphery. I’m really enjoying it, it’s really well written.’ … More

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Geeks Friday Reads: Poison

To celebrate the publication of Beauty last week, we thought we’d share with you one of our brilliant Gollancz Geeks reviews for Poison, Sarah Pinborough’s first book in the fairy tale trilogy. Poison is a retelling of Snow White, with an adult twist, and has been a real winner with the Geeks. This Friday’s ace review comes from Mel S, who runs a great review blog here, and you can More

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Friday Reads: Mayhem

If you love a good historical thriller, which has a whiff of the supernatural about it, this is the perfect summer read for you.

Set in London during the Ripper years, Sarah Pinborough tells the untold tale of another serial killer preying on the inhabitants of the city, and of the investigative team which takes the bloody cases on. As you would hope, the novel evokes London at its dank and grisly best, with the story interwoven with real newspaper … More

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Geeks Friday Read: Poison

Last month we published the second of Sarah Pinborough’s fairy tales for adults, Charm, so we thought it was high time you needed reminding just how brilliant these books are from one of our Gollancz Geeks. Kris Meic sent us this great review of Poison, the first of Sarah’s fairy tales, as part of our Geeks mailing earlier in the year, and as it turns out he has a mighty fine blog himself that you … More

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