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Happy Publication Day: 27th June 2019!

The sun has arrived! It may have taken the entire of June, but perhaps it was waiting for a bumper release of titles for you to enjoy at the park, in your garden or on […]

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Happy Publication Day: 6th June 2019!

It’s Thursday, which means another publication day has rolled around. Today we have one perfectly packaged title to share with you: Nalini Singh’s Wolf Rain! The next title in her fabulous Psy-Changeling Trinity series, read on […]

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Happy Publication Day: 2nd May 2019!

The Ember Blade, Chris Wooding Empires rise, civilisations fall and one culture comes to subsume another. It’s the way of the world . . . sometimes ways of life are improved, sometimes they are not. […]

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Happy Publication Day: 25th April 2019!

Happy publication day everyone! There are some interesting things publishing today — the continuation of a fabulous urban fantasy series — and some books which are being published in a new format for the very […]

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Happy Publication Day, 24th January 2019!

Goodbye Christmas, goodbye New Year, hello February. We’re already all the way through January and can hardly believe it. Another thing we can hardly believe is what an excellent trio of books we have releasing […]

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Happy Publication Day: 27th September 2018!

Hi everyone, We have one new title out this week: The Caged Queen, which is the stunning sequel to Kristen Ciccarelli’s The Last Namsara. Read on for a taste below, and then go out and […]

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Happy Publication Day! 16th August 2018

Hi everyone, If you’re looking for your next exciting, urban fantasy read: look no further! Today is the day Wild Hunger by Chloe Neill is unleashed upon the world. Read on below for a brief […]

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Happy Publication Day: 2nd August 2018!

Hi everyone,   A special Discworld publication day for you all. Worried about how on earth you’re going to keep track of your life in 2019? Fear not! We have a truly spectacular diary for […]

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Happy Publication Day: 19th April 2018!

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s another publication day where we release two SF gems into the wild! Read on below for a taste of these new fantastic reads . . .   Before Mars […]

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Publication Day: SJ Morden’s One Way

Tee minus zero days until lift off. We have a brand new SF thriller for you, in the shape of SJ Morden’s One Way! A murder mystery set on the frozen red wastes of Mars. […]

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Happy Publication Day to Twice Bitten!

We’re feeling hot under the collar this morning, as a perennial favourite returns to our shelves with another thrilling romance. Twice Bitten – Lynsay Sands New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands returns with another […]

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Happy Publication Day to A Veil of Spears!

Publication day is here! And we have a very exciting new release for you to sink your teeth into. Veil of Spears – Bradley Beaulieu Third in the epic new fantasy series of mystery, prophecy […]

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