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Michael J. Ward

Michael Ward has been writing and gaming for as long as he can remember. For him, DestinyQuest is a fusion of those two passions. For now, there has to be a day job – and his is working freelance, writing education materials for teachers and children. Prior to going freelance, he was the Senior Editor of CHILD EDUCATION magazine.

Interactive fiction – we’re with the cool kids now

We’re delighted to welcome Michael J. Ward back to the Gollancz Blog! Today we’ve got a special blog post to celebrate the publication of Destiny Quest: The Eye of Winter’s Fury

Sometimes, a gamebook can be a hard sell to people. I know – I’ve stood in front of countless groups of surly teenagers at various book signings, trying to ignore their frowns and body language that says ‘oh em gee – hashtag nearest exit, please?’ as I … More

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2014: The Continuing Series

In the last of our series of sneak peeks at Gollancz’s 2014 schedule, our focus turns to ongoing series. We’re thrilled as always to have so many authors and series returning, and the books below are all eagerly awaited by their fans. If you haven’t tried any of these series yet, you’re missing out!

Metro 2034

Metro 2033 – the novel on which the best-selling computer game was based – has been a sleeper hit for … More

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Congratulations to our Gemmell Awards Shortlisted authors and cover designers

Everyone here at Gollancz is thrilled by the announcement of the Gemmell Awards shortlist, which you can find here.

There are three very strong shortlists, with 5 books up for each of the Legend (best novel) and Morningstar (best debut), and six covers up for the Ravenheart (Best Cover).
We’re delighted that Joe Abercrombie’s RED COUNTRY is on the shortlist for both the Legend and Ravenheart awards.

THE RED KNIGHT by Miles Cameron is the … More

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DestinyQuest – Michael J. Ward part two and a competition

This month saw the release of The Heart of Fire, the second DestinyQuest choose-your-own-adventure title, in mass market paperback. Mike Ward, the author, discusses the benefits of patching…

Click here to read the first part of this post, and we also have a competition below. 

Once a document hits the printers, that is it – there is no going back. I remember the nail-biting moments as a magazine editor, getting copies hot off the press every month and … More

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DestinyQuest – Michael J. Ward on working in print

This month saw the release of The Heart of Fire, the second DestinyQuest choose-your-own-adventure title, in mass market paperback. Here the author, Mike Ward, discusses the benefits of a second release…

The devil’s in the detail… (part one)

The bug. The glitch. The exploit.

These are the horrors that keep game developers and coders awake at night. They can be elusive, hiding in the shadows, creeping up on you when you least expect it – sometimes, … More

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