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Elspeth Cooper

Elspeth CooperElspeth Cooper is an exceptional writer. Born and raised in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, she has always been fascinated by the magic of words and it was inevitable that she would come to write magical fiction of her own.

You can find out more about her books (Songs of the Earth, Trinity Rising and The Raven’s Shadow) by clicking on their titles or by visiting her website.

You can also follow Elspeth on Twitter @ElspethCooper.




2014: The Conclusions

We’re still celebrating the new year at Gollancz, and all the glorious books we have coming in 2014. Today we’re talking about some favourite Gollancz series that are concluding, in fabulous, gripping and sometimes heart-breaking style this year. 

Ultima, by the wonderful Stephen Baxter, concludes the space-exploration dulogy he began with Proxima. Our galaxy is dying and humanity has taken on the unforgiving task of colonising a new planet: Proxima IV. Addressing real issues and challenges of such colonisation, More

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Cover Reveal: The Raven’s Shadow

We’re thrilled to be bringing you a cover revel on the blog today! We’re publishing the fantastic The Raven’s Shadow  in August this year. It’s the third in The Wild Hunt series by Elspeth Cooper and it’s absolutely superb. Watch this space for more news about the book . . . and in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at the fabulous cover!

All thanks go to Dominic Harman for the superb artwork, and to Sue … More

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Trinity Rising – Chapter Five

Chapter Five: ESCAPE

Drwyn had given Teia a new horse for the ride to the Gathering. Finn, her old dun gelding, was consigned to the pack-train after aiming a kick at him, and had been replaced with a sweet-faced grey mare. By the fifth day of the journey Teia hated her. She was entirely too biddable.

Not much chance of you aiming a kick at the chief’s backside, eh?

Feeling guilty, she patted her mount’s neck. It wasn’t the grey’s fault she wasn’t … More

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Trinity Rising – Chapter Four

Chapter Four:  SAVIN

The house near the tailors’ guildhall in Mesarild to which Savin had tracked Alderan’s colours truly was unremarkable: a four¬square, sturdy thing of dressed Elethrainian granite, stolid and rosy as a country squire, surrounded by a low wall built more to define the small square of neatly scythed lawn behind which the house sat than for any pretensions to security. To all appearances it was a merchant’s residence; someone well-to-do enough to afford a modest garden in the … More

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A special publication day message from Elspeth Cooper

Here at Gollancz Towers we are delighted to bring you a special publication day message from Elspeth Cooper. Trinity Rising is out now. 

There’s nothing quite like that moment when you pick up your new baby for the first time, smile and say to yourself, “Hello, beautiful.” It’s . . . magical.

The magic tends to lose some of its lustre when said infant proceeds to wee all over your shirt, but fortunately books are toilet-trained and generally quieter than the average … More

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