AJ Dalton

The sacred (and sometimes martial) art of book signings

You work for years, lose your hair and finally finish your magnus opus. You run off copies and feverishly stuff them into envelopes destined for a range of agents and publishers. Then you wait. And you wait… And nothing. You never hear back. It’s then you begin to realize that writing’s the easy bit. Selling […]

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Gollancz signings this weekend, and a competition!

There’s lots of exciting signings going on this weekend, so we thought this would be a good chance to let you know about some of our author’s movements. Ben Aaronovitch has been all around the country over the last few days, but this Saturday he’s right at the centre of the bookselling world as part […]

Exclusive interview with A J Dalton

Here at Gollancz we are very excited to bring you an exclusive interview with A J Dalton, author of Empire of the Saviours. Enjoy!

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Exclusive Interview with AJ Dalton

  A J Dalton’s Empire of the Saviours (on UK release from 17 May 2012) has been getting great advance reviews on websites and in the likes of SciFi Now magazine (April edition). We’ve taken the chance to catch up with the Gollancz debut author, to find out what all the fuss is about and […]

The fall and rise of the vampire, by AJ Dalton

It seems you can’t keep a good monster down. The vampire simply won’t stay vanquished. Like the rest of the undead, it refuses to stay in the grave. The literary genre that spawned it, “horror”, has itself gone into something of an ironically terminal decline (in terms of book sales specifically), and yet the vampire […]

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'Empire of the Saviours' – competition winners

Well, that worked. The most comments we’ve had on the blog so far! We’ll look into doing some more cover reveals in the near future, and perhaps some more articles on the ‘hidden’ bits of publishing. Oh, let’s face it, it was popular because we were giving away books, wasn’t it? But, without further ado, […]

Empire of the Saviours Cover Reveal (and competition)

One of the many things that an editor is expected to do is edit the book that they’re in charge of, which I think you may have guessed. One of the many other things, which perhaps isn’t as obvious, is to edit the cover. Of course the author gets a say, in terms of guidelines […]

On the tenth day of Christmas…

It’s the first day back at work in Gollancz towers today, so let’s celebrate with a quick peek into the future at the three amazing debut authors coming up this year – and three new projects from familiar faces, to delight you*. Gollancz is thrilled to welcome Michael J. Ward to the list, with the […]

Sci-fi as a way of life

One of the guests of honour at FantasyCon in Brighton back in Oct 2011 was the ever youthful scifi author Brian Aldiss. During a panel debate, he was asked why he thought the ‘golden age’ of scifi had come to something of an end and why, arguably, genres like fantasy had overtaken scifi. With a […]

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The Death of Fantasy

AJ Dalton is the author of Empire of the Saviours, the first book in a new fantasy trilogy, coming from Gollancz in May 2012. An interesting question was asked from the audience at this year’s FantasyCon in Brighton: ‘Why is there less magic appearing in the fantasy that’s currently being published?’ The illustrious panel of […]

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Gollancz to explore The Empire of the Saviours in May 2012

Editor Marcus Gipps has bought world rights to a fantasy trilogy from an exciting new voice to the genre. The Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, by AJ Dalton, will begin with the publication of Empire of the Saviours in May 2012. Empire of the Saviours has already been pre-empted in Germany for a significant five-figure […]

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