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Wolves: Chapter Two

Our book of the month in January is Wolves by Simon Ings, which is best described in a different Simon’s introduction to chapter one last week. It is a chilling dystopian work; a story about technology becomes a personal quest into a changed world and the pursuit of a secret from the past. A secret about a missing mother, a secret that could hide a murder. This is no dry analysis of how a technology might change us, it is a terrifying thriller, a picture of a dark tomorrow that is just around the corner. Catch up with chapter one and then…


Wolves: Chapter One

Our book of the month for January is Wolves by Simon Ings; a novel already attracting attention for the award-winning cover design, which we publish tomorrow. Associate Publisher and the man you all know as @Gollancz, Simon Spanton, will tell you a little about the book below, and there’s an extract to download if you keep scrolling. Oh, and if you’re signed up to the Gollancz Geeks, keep an eye on your inbox… Dear Reader, Wolves… I hadn’t read Simon Ings since reading his first novel (published twenty years ago) so when Wolves was submitted it was a delight to find how much he’d…


Debuts of 2014

New Year, new author. Well five new authors in fact. We thought we’d kick off 2014 with a brief introduction to the five authors we’re proud to be bringing to you for the first time on the Gollancz list this year. Whether you like SF thrillers, high fantasy, epic fantasy with a sharp twist, time travel stories, or fantasy cities we’re sure we’ve got something for you with a crop of five writers writing their first novel for Gollancz. Each writer brings a different style, different strengths. But all of them have made the team here fall in love with…


Moon’s Artifice: Chapter Four

Tom Lloyd’s brilliant new fantasy series has kicked off with Moon’s Artifice, which published last week. We recently sent it out to our Gollancz Geeks so we’re looking forward to seeing what you guys make of it. If you’ve missed the previous chapters, fear not, you can catch up on chapter one, chapter two and chapter three still. Tom also wrote us a piece on fantasy heroes for the blog that you can read here, which also has one of our legendary giveaways for your chance to get your hands on a copy. To read Chapter Four, just click here.  


Geeks Friday Read: N0S4R2

To celebrate not only the horror-fest that is Halloween this week, but also the Christmas edition of N0S4R2 being published, we have chosen to share one of our brilliant Gollancz Geeks reviews with you for Joe Hill’s epic horror. This week’s Geek review comes from Jan, who has given us this great review of N0S4R2 to sink your Halloween teeth into. Enjoy! Determined not to be put off by the sheer size of the book (I was wary of investing so much time in an author I had never read before), I started reading and literally did not want to put…